About Me

Hi! I'm Amy, and I love sharing life with people through photography.

I found my craft of photography and story-telling when I got my first camera in middle school as the class historian. There was something deeply powerful about light, people, and the practice of remembrance.


From my most elaborate wedding to watching a new mother nursing her first child, it is a privilege to share these sacred and timeless moments behind the camera. I find myself giddy at the idea of what I actually get to do. Documenting life's milestones and everyday celebrations is seriously a labor of love and a passion. I am honored to get to share in the process of treasuring people's memories. 

​Since starting my own business over a decade ago, a few things have changed. I got married, became a mother, changed my last name to Nelson, and moved across the country (first to California, then to Portland, and now back to Chicago). It is neat to see how these experiences have helped me better connect with people, to listen, to handle chaos, to plan ahead, and to recognize and draw out timelessness. 

 I would love to learn more about you, hear your story, and celebrate whatever season you are in through photography!