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Late Winter Relaxed Engagement Session: Mount Tabor Park

Sara and Alec | Portland, OR

Engaged couple on a bench at sunset at Mount Tabor Park

I like to spend a decent amount of time on the phone with my wedding clients to get a feel for our best fit. We swap stories, laugh, and kind of embark on a "first date". I am not offended if they decide to choose someone else who can do a better job of representing them and their style on their wedding day, but am also super excited when couples and I hit it off. Sara and Alec are some of these people. Relaxed and yet super organized and intentional. Wanting to slow down and do the right thing. Not at all caught up in the wedding industry but also realizing the importance and gravity of marriage and their wedding day.

Last weekend we met up at Mount Tabor Park in Portland, OR with their doggy Chrys and a friend to help keep us (and the doggy company). We soaked up the perfect late winter weather and made some images together. It was cool enough to feel good in a sweater and sunny enough to just bask. A little bit of cloud gave us a sunset and we were set.

I always tell my clients that I can't "make anything up". I feel fairly confident in my craft, but I am not a magician. I can only get what they GIVE me, and so I ask them to be present and just enjoy the time together. Sometimes I step back and give them space and at other times I give them fun things to think or talk about. Each couple is unique and sometimes needs more or less prompting and that's okay! It was clear to me however that Sara and Alec felt comfortable in each other's arms, they knew how to play, and most importantly they trusted each other. I feel so honored to be able to document a glimpse into their relationship and to journey with them for their special day this fall. Congratulation you two. Keep on leaning in :).

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