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Fall Family Shoots

The time has officially arrived when families are getting ready for their holiday cards and thinking of color coordination and cooler weather. With a busier schedule, it has been nice to sit and reflect a bit about these families. Some of whom I am just getting to know and others of whom I have journeyed with behind the camera for years. What an honor it is to share laughter and smilies with each of them as they desire to remember this particular time in their lives. Photography has the ability to capture something we so often can't put into words. An essence of who we once were and how we acted together. In our family session, it is my goal to create a space for you as a family to choose joy when sometimes things around us seem overwhelming. To look inward and around you at the blessings you have right by your sides in each other. It is my prayer that this season of family shoots would be a blessing to not only each family, but also to all of you viewers as you too get a feel for the joy of what it means to belong.


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