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Favorites of 2017

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

I am sitting here realizing that it's 2018 and besides one blog post, I have not added ANYTHING to my blog in over a year. Man, sorry folks. That's what happens when you have a baby and then decide to move across the country. Sheesh. This has been a packed year indeed, and I thank God for our community of support and for the myriad of opportunities to keep doing what I love by sharing life with so many people through photography. So, I decided for my 100th post on Amy Coles Photography to do a quick "2017 in Review" blogpost from some of my favorite sessions. I hope you enjoy a taste of some of the glimmers of joy, love and peace I got to experience in this past year behind the lens. Happy New Years families and friends! I look forward to spending time with you all and many more in 2018!


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