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Mount Tabor Engagement Session in Portland, Oregon: Chris and Brian

Sometimes life can feel really complicated and heavy. Chris is no stranger to that. After months of mourning and loss, she was excited about the somewhat unexpected new season of spring that had been granted to her. New life, romance, laughter, and hope. Chris and Brian's individual complicated stories have brought themselves to each other and they were both giddy about this providence.

We celebrated their engagement by walking through Mount Tabor Park in Portland, Oregon, which is a special place for them both that is close to Chris' home. She has many memories of her old life here (pushing her children as toddlers on the swings, long walks in the park, etc.) and so it was only fitting that Brian and Chris would bring the newness of their relationship to this place as well, honoring the old and celebrating the new. What a beautiful story. Congratulations you two! I am super excited to celebrate your wedding with you this fall!


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